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Who are the most profitable customers to your business?  Wouldn't it be great to have more customers like this?  This is where we help.

We can help.  We're marketing consultants based in Hamilton, New Zealand.  We provide branding and marketing solutions to all types of businesses of all sizes.

We specialise in marketing strategy and brand management.

You can purchase individual products or services, or we can also tailor marketing services to suit your situation. 

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Market Research

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Better understand the market you're in and your customers attitudes.

Marketing Strategy

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Marketing strategy that  attracts more of the customers that you want.

Content Marketing

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Marketing content that positions you as an expert in your industry.

Learning / Training

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Understand the marketing fundamentals, & apply them to your business. 

Marketing Specialists located in Hamilton, New Zealand


Your branding is just your name and that little logo thing, right?...  Wrong.  

Branding is everything that identifies a business.  Branding is in every aspect of your marketing.

Your brand is your reputation.  How you are recognised and judged by customers.

It should be considered from day one, but it often becomes an after-thought.  It usually comes after "making money" on the to-do list...

A strong brand can really help a business create an identity that attracts customers.  But for whatever reason, many businesses are reluctant to invest in their brands.

What happens when you have a powerful brand? You can charge a premium for your products or services. It’s as simple as that.

How branding works

Positioning your brand in the market

Marketing that communicates what makes you different and how you give value

Many businesses make the mistake of assuming that everybody could or might be a customer.

This creates two issues.

One, businesses try so hard to not be offensive to anybody that their branding and marketing ends up being very plain, and not very memorable.

Two, the hard-earned money that you invest in marketing gets wasted on people who will never be a customer. 

Businesses should focus all their marketing budget and effort on the people most likely to be their most profitable customers.

Brands NEED a point of difference/value proposition that targets a certain type of customer.

This is called positioning.

It's important to know what customers you want to target, and where you sit in the market relative to competitors.  What makes you different from your competitors?  

With each interaction, consumers subconsciously ask questions about brands such as 
👉 What are the perceived benefits of the brand?
👉 Do we share similar beliefs and values? and 👉 Do I trust them?

People prefer brands that align with their values.   When customers trust and value a brand, it increases the amount they're willing to pay versus and alternative.  This is called brand equity.

Our marketing strategies will increase your brand equity.

View our products & services, or we have marketing service bundles designed for new or small businesses, corporate branding and personal branding.

 New Business / SME

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New or small business?  Don't have a huge marketing budget?

Corporate branding

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Re-branding and marketing strategies for large business or corporations.

Personal branding 

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Drive more sales to your business through your personal social media. 

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