Ongoing Marketing Coaching

We guide you over a period of time, to help you improve your marketing skills.

Do you need help with understanding marketing, and how it all works? 

Not sure where to start with the marketing mix, and don't know what a segmentation strategy means?

Are you unsure what kind of content to create for social media?  For Linkedin, for Facebook or Instagram.  And this new TikTok thing the kids are using... What is that all about?

We can guide you through all this.

Learn how to create marketing that positions you as an expert to the people that you want as your customers.

We'll help you to create your brand's marketing strategy, whilst aligning your communication with the vision of your business and its goals. 

12 week program

6 sessions

Learn the foundations of marketing, and how to apply them to your business to attract more of the customers you want.

We allow two weeks before sessions to give enough time for you to apply some of the strategies.  You can also do the sessions monthly.

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24 / 48 week program

12 sessions

More depth learning and application than our 12 week program.

We help you understand more specific marketing strategies, to help link everything together.  Understanding your customers, and positioning your brand to better service their needs.

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Learn more about how BYB Marketing can help your business attract more customers.