Content Marketing

Content marketing is an valuable tool that businesses can use to increase brand awareness with their target market.

Content marketing is creating and distributing consistent and valuable material online (e.g. social media), to increase awareness and interest of their business, but not in a promotional way. 

Ultimately, the goal is to convert interested people into paying customers.  Content can be informational, funny, or quirky - it helps influence your brand image. 

Content helps "humanise" a brand's relationship with customers.  Customers don't want to deal with companies, they want to deal with people.  Creating useful content for your target market helps bridge this gap.

Marketing your brand is changing in the digital space.  Previously, brands implemented timely ad placements to get attention. However, inbound leads are growing increasingly important in the digital age.  To attract and convert customers, you need to create content that has a distinct brand and consistent messaging throughout your “marketing funnel”.  Content tells your story.  

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