Improve your marketing skills

50 Marketing Topics

50 Marketing Topics teaches business-owners, salespeople, consultants, and marketing professionals more about marketing.

50 unique marketing topics explored... That's a lot!

Marketing is a HUGE TOPIC encompassing nearly every aspect of a business.

Including how to make a product or service as attractive as possible to a group of customers, and how we communicate our product or service's ability to solve these customers problems or help them reach their goals.

50 Marketing topics will help you better understand how to apply marketing to your business, to ultimately attract and convert more customers. 

In no time, you'll start to understand the marketing lingo and jargon, and how to use marketing to meet your sales goals for 2021.

Some of the marketing topics we have explored

A wide range of marketing topics is explored.  From traditional methods such as advertising to digital methods marketing methods such as SEO and social selling.

BYB business owner Daniel Hopper has over a decade of experience as a marketer, marketing academic and educator.

Attract new customers and retain more old ones

Create more effective marketing

50 weeks of marketing covers the basics of marketing, the foundations of the theory, how to apply it to your business with all the different tools we have in 2021.

Learn how to produce marketing content for your business that targets and attracts more of your ideal clients or customers. The result for you is you make more money, and you're happier because you deal with a better quality of customer, who is more profitable to your business.

Business-owner Daniel Hopper created this program from his 10 plus years of experience as a marketer. He also has a master's degree in marketing and has spent time as a marketing academic.

When you sign up, you will be sent access to all the content.

Check out one of the week's videos below.

50 Weeks of Marketing

Week 37 - Brand Identity

Brand Identity is one of the very few videos under ten minutes.  The videos average 15 minutes in length. 

Topics explored for 50 weeks of marketing

Some of the marketing topics that people have learnt so far:

How does branding work?

The Marketing Mix

Brand community

Content Marketing

Personal Branding

Buyer Personas

Market Segmentation

Sales & Marketing funnels


Sales vs Marketing

Market Research

Networking Tips



Customer Service

Marketing Strategy

Influencer Marketing

Co-creation of value



Public Relations

Email Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Consumer Behaviour

Brand Identity

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Value proposition

PPC - Pay Per Click Ads

Social selling

Facebook marketing

Marketing: B2B vs B2C 

Digital Marketing

You receive all 50 topics right away when you sign up!

Included will be an exclusive video with an average length of around 15 minutes.  A 5-10 page PDF, and a PowerPoint presentation.

So how much does it cost?

Only $100 for the full 50 topics.  

That's a heap of learning that will improve your marketing for only a hundred bucks.

Creator of the content Daniel Hopper has taught classes at degree level in New Zealand.

Daniel believes that the amount and quality information you will receive is better than what the average marketing student would get out of their 3-4 year marketing degree. 


Be as excited to learn about marketing as these students!

Examples of what you will receive

Learn how to apply marketing strategies to your business.

It's hard to buy something online if you have no idea how good it is. 

So we thought we would give away the first two weeks of content for free!

You should get a good idea of the depth and the quality of information about each marketing topic you will learn from 50 weeks of Marketing.

The first two topics are - How does branding work? And the Marketing Mix.

If you're still reading on at this point, I would love to help you attract more customers and become more profitable.

Scroll below to purchase 50 weeks of marketing. 

Thanks for your time.

What is branding?

Week 1

Download the document here
Download the PowerPoint presentation here

The Marketing Mix

Week 2

Download the document here
Download the PowerPoint presentation here

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